Airush APEX TEAM 2017
138 cm
47764.8 руб.

Цена указана со скидкой 20%!

Описание товара:

Designed for intermediate to advanced aggressive riders, the 2017 Apex Team delivers a unique combination of high rocker, increased width, and our new Venturi concave. The 2017 Apex Team is built with our new 3K carbon construction keeping the board light and responsive. The Apex Team ensures a more balanced response, enhanced user-friendly feel, and added comfort while riding at high speed. Whether you are riding Big Air or flat water freestyle, this boards offers the best all road performance to take you riding to the next level. The Apex Team allows a rider to advance from footstraps to bindings without any compromised performance. The 3D designed reinforcements and style of this board makes it a perfect all-round freeride, freestyle machine.

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