138 cm
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Описание товара:

The competition freestyle machine that powered Alex Pastor to his World Championship title receives a full makeover this year. Increased stiffness in the tips of the board increase the pop and drive, while the dual rocker and deep channel tips make the Livewire Team ideal for riders who prefer to ride more powered. The full high-modulus Carbon Torsion layer works in conjunction with the key shape features to tension as the board is twisted and loaded up, then responds immediately as the rider launches, creating the perfect pop. While the torsional orientation maximizes pop, the biaxial carbon outer layer works together with the vertical sandwich wood core and unidirectional base laminate for a smooth ride and energy absorption when landing from big power tricks. The ultra-lightweight top sheet outer layer maintains durability without adding unnecessary weight. Combining this highly evolved shape with unique lamination, construction and core technology, the Livewire Team is the ultimate dedicated freestyle board.

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