Airush Diamond 2017
52377.6 руб.

Airush Diamond 2017
57585.6 руб.

Airush Diamond 2017
62793.6 руб.

Airush Diamond 2017
69390.4 руб.

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Описание товара:

The Diamond Kite features a refined profile and balanced configuration that appeals to a broad range of users – from performance freestylers to wave riders – while still being stable and user friendly enough for intermediate riders. The unique shape is light on the bar with a short bar throw, so that even the lightest of riders can easily get the kite to the edge of the window in stronger conditions. For 2017 the updated V3.2 bridle configuration features reduced bridle length without compromising on turning and depower. The Diamond Series kite features Technoforce D2 by Teijin in conjunction with the Dyneema load frame, giving any female rider an insanely durable kite that will last them several seasons.

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