Airush Wave 2017
50064 руб.

Airush Wave 2017
54048 руб.

Airush Wave 2017
56544 руб.

Airush Wave 2017
58416 руб.

Airush Wave 2017
61632 руб.

Airush Wave 2017
63792 руб.

Airush Wave 2017
67872 руб.

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Описание товара:

The unique design of the Airush Wave has been engineered specifically for the precise demands of the true wave enthusiast. The Wave flies forward in the window when required (keeping the rider deep in the pocket), steers immediately no matter where it is in the window, and sits back and drifts in the turns when more stability is required. Refinements in the chord length, wingtips and canopy layout make for a smooth power delivery and fluid steering which is consistent across the range. For 2017, the updated V3.2 bridle configuration features has reduced bridle length without compromising on turning and depower. The next generation Dyneema Load Frame takes the biggest innovation in kite construction to a whole new level. This, combined with the Technoforce D2 by Teijin, provides the ultimate mix of durability and lightweight performance. For wave performance, this optimized weight is essential for improved drift stability, while the load frame make all the difference when additional durability is required. The Wave responds perfectly to rider input and allows you to get into the perfect position on the wave no matter what the wind conditions, taking your riding into a new realm…

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